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Real name report Anhui Office officials failed to be transferred to the police in March

Tang Shuanyan steal some of the leadership of the office. Previously, Tang Shui-Yan had been arrested and approved by the Lishui judicial authorities in Zhejiang Province for securing a large amount of possessions in government agencies, enterprises and institutions in Henan, Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It is understood that Anhui police request the reasons for the transfer: Tang Shui-yan suspected of theft with the gang case. Since then, her cell phone has been shut down officials office property stunned woman thief, real name reported for reduced sentence

In April 2014, Tang Shui-yan, 30, was arrested by police in Changzhou, Jiangsu province on suspicion of theft and arrested her 'colleague, close friend,' a 20-year-old Shaanxi woman who was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment for theft. Tang Shui-yan was handed over to Lishui City Public Security Bureau after being prosecuted as an online fugitive by Zhejiang Lishui Police. At the end of July, Tang Shui-yan, on bail pending trial, took the initiative to explain to Lishui Public Security Bureau Liandu Branch about many other theft crimes that police had not previously had Case trail. At the same time, Tang Shui-yan also submitted relevant materials to the website of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission and reported real-name reports of two bureau-level officials in Hunan allegedly accepting bribes. 'At the beginning, things in those officials' offices shocked me. In recent years, I often bring a camera in the case of burglary and file photos of the stolen goods and relevant officials in the office of the accident. 'Tang Shui-yan told reporters that at the beginning of 2012 she saw on the Internet that' the thief anti-corruption and senior officials Sacked 'after the news, it was decided to also keep a' back road 'for himself -' photogenic permit to stay at the scene of the crime, reported after the arrest commuted 'Tang Shui Yan Xinhua News Agency reporter interviewed again confirmed his report : On October 31, 2012, she used a technical unlocking method to enter a room on the fourth floor of the Hunan Provincial Construction Department. The office board on the office desk labeled a department-level cadre. In this office, cartier love diamond bracelet Tang Shui-yan found a large number of gifts and personal belongings including: sea cucumbers, Cordyceps sinensis, Picasso, cigarettes, wines, etc., as well as two Omega ladies' watches and three gold ingots weighing about 30 grams , A Hetian jade pendant, a men's diamond ring and a shopping card valued at about RMB30,000, etc. On July 24, 2013, she unlocked and entered the 8th floor of Hunan Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, leading the office in a hall and its accompanying Bedroom, Tang Shuiyan find a lot of cigarettes, Maotai, ginseng, tea and other gifts as well as an unopened Apple laptop, and in the room closet to find the key placed in the office of a safe, take away the stored 1 Piece omega watch, a plum king male form, gold bracelet 2, ring 2 'two theft I have stolen things stacked on the desk, and the office owner's brand-name photos taken together.' Tang Shui Yan It is said that officials who had been stolen from the office by Tang Shui-yan did have corrupt officials later seized by discipline inspection departments. Among the confessions written by Tang Shui-yan to Liandu Branch, it was mentioned that in July and October 2012, Wang Shujun, former chairman of Guizhou Rural Credit Cooperative, and Cheng Mengren, the head of the former Department of Communications of Guizhou Province, had stolen the premises. However, The two have been investigated in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Relevant investigators who handle Lishu Public Security Bureau in Lishui City said that the recent case of theft by Tang Shui-Yen to many new offices confiscated by the gold bracelet cartier fake police is still under investigation and evidence collection. Provide the exact number of commits and the amount involved. 'In response to her surrender, we have gone through the collaboration platform within the public security system and sent the relevant information to the locations involved, asking the local police to assist in the investigation.'

Why officials office was thieves 'favor'?

'I only steal the official's office and never steal the common people!' Tang Shui-yan told reporters when asked why they would target officials in office burglary, Tang Shui-yan said that the first is to steal official income is high, almost every time to official office theft Make her 'rewarding.' 'In May 2008, I stole a lot of shopping cards and a few boxes of Cordyceps sinensis in an office in the Nanjing Office of Land and Resources, Jiangsu. I sold these things at a discount and sold as much as 180,000 yuan at a time.' Tang Shui-yan said: 'My companion Fang Yunyun stole at a glance more than 600 shopping cards in Hefei, with each par value gold bracelet cartier replica ranging from 1,000 yuan to 5,000.'

Tang Shui-yan also told reporters that after entering 2013, officials in the office of 'oil and water' significantly less than before. 'Probably the reason why the central government stepped up efforts to fight corruption is that it feels like the offices have been cleaned up in advance,' she said, followed by stealing 'safety.' Tang Shui-yan told reporters that most of the property stolen by the stolen officials in the office is 'gray income.' Because of these improper ways, officials are willing to bear the loss and are not willing to report Tang Shui-yan's 'fatal weakness' for their own future. To some extent, it has also been confirmed by public security officials. Police at the Lishui Public Security Bureau said that after the Tang Shui-yan shop was paved, the police carried on-site testimony with the scene of several incidents where she confess. However, many office officials denied that thefts had occurred and prevented them from entering the relevant sites, Confused police is also embarrassed even more surprising is that the end of May 2014, Tang Shui-yin involved in the case of theft in Hefei, Anhui Province, was arrested in Hefei by Hefei police. More than 600 shopping cards entrusted by Fang Yunyun in her custody have also been confiscated by the local police. When the case was sentenced by the court, they were surprised to diamond cartier love bracelet find that the two cases that caused them to be arrested were not even included in the criminal facts. This reporter has learned that at present the identity of the two stolen officials have been identified, respectively, the Anhui Banking Regulatory Bureau and the Anhui Provincial Food and Drug Administration deputy departmental level officials, Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has been involved in the investigation In addition, 'steal official' may stay 'after the road 'Is also an important reason. Earlier, many Internet users will Tang Shui Yan et al known as the 'Grand Theft,' Lishui City Public Security Bureau Lindu police point out that the Tang Shui Yan et al act to steal the office to satisfy their desires, rather than robbing the rich and the poor, the reason for the arrest ' Exposing corruption 'is because before the crime was calculated to report' will be the crime of confusion, '' steal the official 'female thief into a' Grand Theft 'reflects the people's anti-corruption expectations

This reporter learned that when Tang Shui-yan et al's case was reported by the media, the so-called 'steal officialdom not to steal the people,' such a novel interpretation of the gimmick on the network is naturally eye-catching people, attracting many Internet users 'like', ' Sympathy 'sound. There are even netizens to give the two 'contemporary Liangshan woman', 'industry conscience', 'Pirates of the road' and other praise, that 'compared with corrupt officials, such a thief can not hate anything. '

A cadre from Hangzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection said that the reason why burglars in house burglary caused the sympathy of many people in society and that the people's strong feelings of hatred toward corrupt practices were the main cause. 'Pirates are theft, not worthy of praise, more can not be called Xia, but she stole those who hate, all yell and corrupt officials.'

Some netizens also think that the anti-corruption power of the women's thieves alone is far from sufficient. It is hard to confirm whether officials are honest or not based on whether the office is 'clean.' 'There is no office does not mean that there is no home, the family does not mean that there are no financial institutions Zhejiang Golden Road, deputy director of the lawyer Wang Quanming said,' The two female thieves a pregnant one in lactation, which shows that they have a special law Research, knowing that the rules for leniency to women during pregnancy and lactation can be manipulated, is a flawed law. Tang Shui-yan's intention to steal corrupt officials is not for anti-corruption, but for personal profit-making. The purpose of reporting corrupt officials is to ease penalties and not to neglect purpose or means because of the outcome of justice. '

'The anti-corruption struggle can not rely on the so-called anti-sabtonism such as mistresses and thieves, but rather a rigorous anti-corruption system.'

(Original title: 'stealing official thief' real name report Anhui Office failed in March, is being handed over Anhui police)
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