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LingaDore cheap sexy lingerie Lounge AW15 designed for resting & relaxing

With the Winter cheap sexy lingerie almost over we&'re starting to look at next Winter&'s offerings and Lingadore have just launched their lounge range giving lots of choices of what to wear in front of the radiator next Autumn and Winter. The only bad thing about this collection are the onesies........ all onesies should be burnt...

Here&'s plus size bodystocking a quick run down of the new collection.

Ivana is nice and soft with lots of fluffy fleece leather lingerie and neutral colours and its made from jogging fabric so its lovely and comfy. The range contains tops, dresses, trousers, wraps, jumpers, boots and wait for it..... new to the range is a onesie.... Arrgghh!

Dora is our favourite srtwhg2ge of the new collection and arrive in a lovely warm burgundy that&'s perfect for the Winter months. The range includes tops, long sleeve dresses, trousers, treggings and wraps. We really like the crochet application that appears on the back of the tops and dresses... have a look at the pic below, just lovely.

Finally Cara arrives plus size bodystocking as five items in a tough demin colour. The tops and dresses are quite original and you can choose from lace on the shoulders or necklace embroidery at the front. Nice and fashionable for a Sunday afternoon in front of the fire.

Check out the pics below. You should be able to buy from leather lingerie around August/September time and they will fit from XS – XXL. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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